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 - 03.04.2001 +

this is the sunburst dawning seen by no man.  this is the era in which all of
us openly scoff at Bill Cooper and his ultra-mobile prop job.  behold a clarity
we have only just begun to dream of, achieved only through diligent prayer, 
unabashed consumption, and the willingness to project your morality onto the 
remaining population of the earth.

this is where the global, self-afflicted, human mutation begins.

we want an existential crisis.  we want you to have your existential crisis and
then we want you to to hand it over to us in the midst of a block of crises
you've had before.  and then to hand it over to everyone else, a big block 
party of existential block swapping, so we all know the other's crises, and we
all realize the other's crises are the same as ours, and different, and
everything you've ever imagined, and everything you couldn't, is all wrapped 
into a molten gangly ball of plasma outgassing, to be reformed, reconstructed,
retwisted into the new praeterhuman that is you and us and them.

we don't want you to listen to us.

Frankenstein?  Frankenstein-monster?  only with this self-afflicted time-machine
babble, organized and orchestrated to mutate into a polyhedral inward-bent
geometric form, a prime result of these unwashed hyperdimensional physics.  we
want everyone holding Novelty in their hands, bright, shiny, all-ingesting -- 
we are the eschaton, and you are the eschaton, and we're all skipping to the 
Eighth Aeon.


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