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                                                       State of unBeing FAQ 
                                                           [v4.1 - 04.2001]


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    And here we lay, embarking on our eighth year of sporadic spic-and-span 
    publication, entirely electronic, and entirely in pure text.  How could 
    we let our universe down?

    To be added to the mailing list, either smack down on the link above, or
    contact our esteemed editor Kilgore Trout, and include a reason why it 
    must be done.  And it shall be done.

    Submissions of all kinds are highly encouraged and may be sent to the 
    same esteemed editor Kilgore Trout.  
    At times, we receive questions such as, "What should I write?"  And at 
    other times, we even send replies.  We have a somewhat open submission 
    policy, though we do strive for and encourage the unpublished, lonely, 
    lost, and freakish; the unique, avant, unparalleled, and unimaginable; 
    the ill-advised, down-trodden, optimistic, and hopeless; the ten-
    dimensional, chaos-penetrated, ante-deluvian, and fnord; the enochian, 
    praeterhuman, templar'd, and masonic.  Quality, however, is the maker
    and ruler of all, and thus we strongly suggest reading multiple issues 
    to get a fine taste of the material.
    When accepting items to be published in an issue, we do acquire simple
    one-time rights to do so -- otherwise, all rights to such items are 
    reserved by the authors.  A more detailed copyright section is included
    at the end of each issue.
    One may also contact our editor regarding anything you feel necessary
    to discuss, inquire about, or otherwise verbalize in ASCII, as he 
    endears those who send such e-mail, and you may even get published in
    an issue.

    Questions, comments, feedback concerning the site itself may be voiced 
    to Nathan, or perhaps even Clock.



     T-shirts:       Much to our chagrin, the world-famous, award-winning 
                     all-you-can-eat SoB t-shirts are basically completely

                     There are, however, several in the unpopular color of
                     WHITE, in Large, and perhaps Xtra-Large, waiting to 
                     be claimed by someone like you.  If interested, email
                     Clockwork with your request.

                     A picture of the front of the shirt can be seen here.
                     A picture of the back of the shirt can be seen here.


        Press:       [11.09.95]  -  article on State of unBeing published
                                    by a student newspaper.

   Interviews:       [06.11.95]  -  interview with IWMNWN, by one of our
                                    earlier writers, Adidas.  included in his
                                    zine, SwanK.  Kilgore was also interviewed
                                    at some point in time, however, this is 
                                    the only interview that currently remains.

         Misc:       [??.??.??]  -  original handwritten issue.
                                    we were rummaging through Kilgore's attic
                                    one day, and besides finding a bucket
                                    full of piss up there from construction
                                    days, we also found, amazingly enough,
                                    some early drafts of State of unBeing 
                                    done in longhand on construction paper.
                                    the value of these artifacts are
                                    priceless, or worthless, depending on 
                                    how you look at it.  

                                    when asked, Kilgore explained that SoB
                                    was originally going to be a photocopied
                                    and handwritten enterprise, completely
                                    detached from the mechanized and 
                                    digitized world of computers.  

                                    Clockwork slapped some sense into him,
                                    however, and meticulously transcribed 
                                    the following pages into a format
                                    suitable for e-text.  We can thank Clock
                                    for his hasty intervention.  When asked,
                                    he explained that "Kilgore's handwriting


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